Sunday, April 20, 2008

Technical hell

The entire day today was spent in technical rehearsal for "The Mercy Seat." I have previously gone on record as saying that I enjoy the different kinds of artistry that go into tech, and I like seeing all those elements brought together. We did, however, have a long and tedious day today. Since we were the only two actors in the show, we were forced to be onstage the entire day, so we didn't have the down time that I really enjoy for reading or working on other projects. After working through our sound cues, we built all of our lighting cues. After a pizza dinner, we ran through the show uninterrupted (more or less) for the first time. We had to stop for a few technical issues, and we rewrote a light cue or two as we went along. But all in all, it was really great to run the show and get the feeling of the play as a whole. I'll be down there every night until we open on Friday, going over my lines every single day, and, as always, looking forward to my next night off.

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