Saturday, April 26, 2008

Opening night!

Last night we opened "TMS" with great success. I felt really strong about the performance, and the people who were in the audience responded very well to the show. But in true keeping with a professional, I am much more excited by my own assessment of my performance than the reactions of the crowd. As I was finishing the show, I knew that I had risen to the challenge of Neil LaBute. Now that I've navigated this morass of a show, I have three more weekends to explore the character and play around in the world of the performance. I promise to keep readers up to date about anything that happens during the run of the show, but I doubt that multiple postings of "The show went well" will be very interesting. So I'll try to confine myself to the exciting things that happen, and might even start to spill my ideas out to start talking about my show for the summer - "The Taming of the Shrew" with Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company. It's free Shakespeare in the Park, it's family friendly, so I hope thay everyone will be able to make it. Check out their website at:

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Anonymous said...

Your cool man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a legend!!!!!! how long have you been in show biz? Write back!