Saturday, April 19, 2008

Filming Day

Today was the first day of filming on the last episode of Paper Cuts, and we shot a scene I was looking forward to working on. I can't say what it was about. But I can say that before we shot the scene, we watched a similar scene from an earlier episode, and then we tried to bring elements and echos of that early scene into our new one. It was a good afternoon, more relaxed than the early AM shoots usually are. We finished our scheduled dialogue scenes, and then we worked some other shots in, since it was such a nice day outside.

Then I picked up a wedding ring for "Mercy Seat" and saw my friends from Tony n Tina. It was a little strange to be hanging out with them before a show, but before a show that I wasn't going to do with them. I could hang out with them for a bit, but I had to disappear before they all had to get dressed and ready. Almost makes me wish that I could be down there with them right now, literally at this moment, but I'll confess that the idea of running lines in my hammock while drinking a beer sounds oh so much more appealing than running around in a tuxedo, pretending to be someone else.

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Andrea said...

Running lines on your hammock without me? Cheater.