Monday, April 7, 2008

Love them fries

This weekend, I went back to do another performance of Tony n Tina's Wedding in Philly. It's been about nine months since I last performed with the company, dating back to last summer before I went off to perform up in Naples, NY. But a lot of my old buddies were returning for this performance, so I was looking forward to it. It was just about like old times, both the goods and the bads of the show, and then we had a great time drinking afterwards. Since the show made me so tired, I was really starting to believe that I'm getting too old for the play. I felt foolish saying I was playing the 22-year-old younger brother, when I'm five full years older than that. It's time to graduate up to the older roles, or just start declining some of the parts. The show doesn't always support the inclusion of words like "honesty" and "artistic," so maybe it has to be up to me to move away from some roles and into some others.

The next morning (yesterday, Sunday), I shot my third and final scene for the UArts senior projects. In this one, I was only in the first page and a half of the scene, and I played the "bad cop" who harrasses the suspect before the "good cop" comes into the room and interrupts me.
Here is a picture of me being that bad cop. This is a scene where we are rehearsing the moment when I slam his head into the table. That is Gabrielle, our writer and director, standing in the left of the shot. And look carefully at the desk and you can see all our different copies of the script as we reference it while working. One of the best parts about the shoot was meeting Brandon (in photo, slammed into table) and Britta (not pictured), the other two actors. Britta is actually coming to audition for Lucy Lane in my film project tonight, and I'm excited for this process.

I'll try to post something either tonight when I get home or early tomorrow morning, but I'm very excited to start this process of auditioning for my film. To find that moment when lots of different kinds of artists can come together, and I can hear women giving life and breath to the words that, up until now, have just been black letters on the page. I'm still working out the details of the shoot, but tonight we'll be able to add another element - the actors.


jeff p said...

Imagine that - now you know two people named Britta!

Nick M said...

Totally did not even put that together until you said something. Tell your Britta I said hello.