Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pictures from Paper Cuts - UPDATED AGAIN

Yesterday at 6:00 am again, I was on set for more shooting on "Paper Cuts." Brief scenes this time, but I also brought my camera.
Here are some simple, yet normal, shots of us on the set. First picture is me rehearsing the scene with Alli (who plays Amanda). Second picture is me hitting my mark, Dan setting up the camera, and Guin laughing by the window. And I'll also post this picture of me and Sue from filming on Monday, in which she played a character with some strong connections to Jack's past. She has her own blog through, which is It is also a link included in the right hand side of my blogspot, and you can follow her career as well as mine.

The scene with her promises to be a good one, and it has been one of my favorite scenes to shoot for the series. But more details like that will be available on the "Paper Cuts" DVD release. Even if that release is only in my mind.


Andrea said...

Aw, what a cute couple. *gag*

Nick M said...

I'd make a witty retort, but it would break my confidentiality agreement. Not to mention my self-imposed PG-13 rating for the blog.

Andrea said...

I think I get the picture. *shakes fist*

jeff p said...

Have you two heard of private emails?