Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Last night was an amazing adventure in casting my film. Rob and I got there pretty early, relatively, but that also gave us plenty of time to chat and settle in before the actresses started showing up. I had set a pattern for myself when it came to what the actresses would do. I'd have them read the scene the way they had prepared it, I would be sure to give them an adjustment, and then they would do the side again. There were a few actresses that I would then give another side to, have them look it over, and then have them do that one with a scene partner. Ultimately, we saw seven women for the roles, and at the end of the night, we had the best and worst opportunity there was. We had many actresses capable of playing the roles, but we could only cast two of them. In the end, the two we cast were the two who had very "real" moments in the auditions. Nikiya, our Lucy Lane, understood the sophistication and mindset of the character, and Heather, our Lois Lane, delivered one specific line in such a clear and honest way that we cast her as soon as that happened. I had expected to review the tapes, talk about choices, but in reality, the choices were ultimately obvious to us by the end of the day. We saw many talented actresses, valuable finds for future projects, but in the end there was only one Lois Lane and one Lucy Lane. Now added just for fun is the first comic book panel featuring the meeting of Lois and Superman. Notice Superman's original costume, Lois' original design, and the fact that for perhaps the first and only time in comic book history, Lois Lane is speechless.

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