Friday, April 18, 2008

Paying the bills

Actors are notorious for holding multiple jobs, so we take all those oddjobs along the way that add up to make some sort of living. And if an actor is really lucky, his friends can refer work to him. Such was the case this afternoon as I went down to Swarthmore college to teach an acting 101 class as a substitute for a summer stock friend. I got to play acting games and teach stage combat for three hours this afternoon, and I got paid well to do it. While working with the students on the campus lawn at the end of the day, I met the soon-to-be head of the drama club there, and we talked about me coming down to the college to teach some workshops next semester on various topics. Once she learned I knew Shakespeare, movement, and puppetry as well as stage combat, she was even more interested in having me teach a little. Sure, it's not until after the summer. And sure, I may not be around. And sure, it may not pay that much. But it's still something to get excited about, since it's good to get excited about every good thing that happens to you.

In other news, I start filming Paper Cuts #7 tomorrow, and I'm very excited to go back for one last turn as Jack. I have my first scene and my last scene tomorrow, so that's an unusual twist of movie-making....

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