Sunday, December 3, 2006

News from the Front

For the first time, I write from the lobby of a theatre where we will be performing at 3pm. It's an old converted movie house from the 1930s, so we weren't able to bring up our large standing set piece; we're only using our wheeled wagons and puppets and masks. I never like doing the show this way, as I always feel that it loses something without the grandness of the set piece to serve as a backdrop. But on the other hand, it's the best option when there is literally not enough space to bring the set to life.

On an unrelated note, in addition to the van getting lost on the drive this morning, we pulled into the parking lot near the theatre to learn that only minutes before, the truck had blown one of its tires by making a right hand turn just a little bit too sharply. So we have the extra fun tomorrow morning of taking the truck to get serviced while we perform, hoping the have the pieces in stock to take care of it so we can get back on the road in the afternoon. All told, we're planning to be back in Philadelphia around dinnertime tomorrow, assuming that everything works itself out. We have a few days off, and then on Dec 7th we leave for one show in Maryland, and that concludes the first part of our epic journey.