Monday, April 28, 2008

The Search for Superman

There is a small town in Illinois named Metropolis, and they are the Official Home of Superman. Every summer, the town holds a week-long Superman celebration, with film festivals, costume contests, special guests, and more. There is also an "official" town Superman, a man in the costume who makes public appearances, signs autographs, and embodies the Man of Steel for the Celebration. The town's current Superman has retired after seven years with the role, and they have just started a campaign to find the next Superman of the celebration. On the heels of my movie shoot of playing Clark Kent, I took some photos and put together an audition tape for the part of the official Superman. I post here on the blog, asking anyone who has not yet done so to follow these instructions and vote for me. The first part of the competition is determined by online voting, so I'm calling upon all my friends and readers to help me live out a dream.

Please take ten seconds and visit the following link:

Click on the Contestant Gallery/VOTE link on the page, scroll down to me (#11) and then click on VOTE and vote for me. It will only take a minute or so, and I would really appreciate your help in the pursuit of a dream of mine. Thank you so very much, and I will be sure to keep you updated on the status of this audition.


jeff p said...

I got in my three votes! I forwarded your email to Chrissy today - not sure if got a chance to vote.

jeff p said...

(that'll teach me to proof read before hitting publish)

Andrea said...

There, now I've voted at home and the office. And Jen voted for you, too - before I even emailed her about it.