Friday, April 4, 2008

(Not) Paid to Make the Tough Choices

Yesterday I received word from Bristol Valley Theatre that they wanted to cast me in their show "Rough Crossing" this summer. I would have enjoyed doing the show up there, and I love the atmosphere and the area. It was a nice vacation, drinking wine, living on the lake, working on two great shows last year. This year, however, they only offered me one show (which amounts to about three weeks worth of work), and it conflicts heavily with the offer I've already had to play Lucentio in "Taming of the Shrew." And so there I was, faced with the enviable but not enjoyable choice between two different theatres. Two groups of friends. Two different artistic and financial offers. Some actors would love to have that choice, but it's a tough thing for an actor to face.

Ultimately, I called Bristol to turn their offer down so I could stay in town and do "Shrew." The money isn't quite as good, but I realize I'm looking forward to working on a Shakespeare play with a cast/director that I'm looking forward to working with again. I'll regret the chance not to work with Dom again at BVT on "Rough Crossing," but with the new work on finding an agent, I think it's important to stay around Philadelphia. I've also locked myself into work in the area through the month of August, so it's totally time to find a "real" job. Don't know what that is, yet... Anyone hiring?

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