Thursday, April 17, 2008

Season finale time!

Last week in the mail, I received the script for the final episode of "Paper Cuts." It makes a serious attempt to round out all our plot lines for the series, but I have actually signed a non-disclosure agreement with the producers which prohibits me from disclosing any details about the episode. So if you were hoping to read this blog, looking for spoilers... keep reading. To my loyal readers, I can now offer a sneak peak of Episode Seven of "Paper Cuts."









Episode seven begins with Jack being very XXXX over what happened with XXXXX. As he tries to XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XX X XXXX, his phone keeps ringing, which he XXXXXXX. Meanwhile a budding relationship between XXXXXX and XXX is XXXXXXX because of XXXXXXXX's love of XXXXXXX. Jack comes face-to-XXXX with his XXXXXX, who is really his XXXXX! (Shocker!) XXXXX and XXXXXX make special cameos, and even XXXXXX has been written into a XXXXX call. XXXXX and XXXXXX really bring the XXXXXXX, when XXXXXXXX gets thrown in XXXXXX, and then eventually, the monkey XXXXX in everyone's XXXXXX, and the campus is rocked by the death of XXXXX. Fade to black.

Okay, obviously this entry has been edited for content. And some of it is downright incorrect. But the episode does feature an exciting guest star. My girlfriend's best friend is coming down from New York on Monday to shoot a scene with me. I obviously can't say what character she is playing, but it is a very rich scene that I'm looking forward to. I've never worked with Susan before, and I'm excited to get the opportunity. You can find her Backstage Unscripted blog listed on mine under the "Blogs" link on the right column, and I know she just posted an entry about her casting and her approach to the job. I think it will be a lot of fun to read two different blog entries about the same day of filming from two different points of view.

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