Saturday, April 26, 2008

Like I said...

Okay, so today's performance was far from ordinary. While it went more or less very well, there were still several sections that got juggled. From small line flubs to dropped lines and awkward pauses, we even managed to cut a few pages off the end of the show due to a dropped line. I can completely understand the idea of getting tangled around a line or two if you are caught in the heat of the moment. But to be in the second night of performance and to literally go blank on several sections of the script does not carry echoes of professionalism no matter how much slack can be given. And when we talked about it after the show, she didn't realize that it had happened. So we briefly talked through the script to make sure that it won't happen tomorrow, and I hope the stage manager tells the director how the show went tonight. But even without that little glitch, it was a good show. Our light board operator enjoyed the show today, saying that it was "hot." He thought that something tonight was really singing along with the performance, so it was nice to hear from someone who has been watching our show for the last week or so. My aunt was in the audience tonight, and she saw me after the show and said that she really enjoyed the performance. It's a thing that's always nice to hear, and she seemed very moved by the show and the story. It's nice to know that we have such a good show.

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