Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Something different

Recently, I was approached by Stage Magazine Online to become one of their theatre reviewers. I gave my contact a link to this blog as well as a few reviews I've written in the past few years, and she signed me up right away. I'm excited now to be a professional writer and add to my ever-growing online profile. I'm also looking forward to the chance to expand my portfolio of writing projects, which I'd like to use to secure more work as a freelance writer. I'll be seeing my first show tomorrow night, and I will be sure to include a link to the review when it gets posted online. In the meantime, I'm scheduled to start the edit on "Changing Lane" tonight, and I am very excited by that idea. It's been way too long since we shot it, so I'm excited to go back to the footage and see (for the first time) what it all looks like. I saw a lot of Rob's setups, so I know generally what the film is going to look like, but I havent watched any of the actual takes of the scenes yet. It's going to be a good night, and I promise to post pictures and the official still photos from the film when I get them.

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