Friday, April 4, 2008

another film shoot

I spent most of this afternoon working on another film scene for the students over at UArts. This one was a little more linear than my last, and this scene basically consisted of a long conversation between two characters. I played an FBI agent who questions a woman suspected of having ties to terrorists. The scene was simple and clear, although I did spend the day noticing the difference between "stage" and "film" acting. My scene partner was not only one who believed in directing fellow actors, but she was also one who believed in acting on every take. In film acting, it usually doesn't matter what the actors do who are not on camera at any moment. Sometimes, they will only "read" the lines, and sometimes they won't even be there at all. But this afternoon, I was present in the "acting" of the scene even when the camera wasn't on me. And as I explore different ways to film, I'll confess that I found the constant-acting to be exhausting. Either approach to acting can be "right," but it was a clear instance in which I did not have the same working style as my leading lady.


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