Monday, April 28, 2008

Finishing out the first weekend

Last night we had our third performance of "TMS," and it went very well. A garden club had bought out the entire house for a private event, so we performed to a single group of over a hundred people. The wine had clearly been flowing early in the day, and there was a small group of people who whispered to each other constantly through the show. I could hear them talking, often hear what they were saying. While it was a little strange now and then, I at least knew that they were talking about the show. While it was sometimes a little strange to hear whispers through tender and quiet onstage moments, it was nevertheless very gratifying to hear the crowd quiet completely when we came to one of those moments that wanted that sort of complete quiet. They may not have been the most responsive crowd from the beginning; it did take a while for them to start laughing at lines that are supposed to be funny. But they turned into one of our best audiences, and certainly one of the audiences so far that was the most "with" the show. We've got a few days off (thankfully) before we move onto the next weekend of our show, so that gives me enough mental focus to move onto other projects until our next meeting.

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jeff p said...

[psst - hey, marge, does that actor remind you of someone? I think he would make a great clark kent. although I'm trying to picture him in the red and blue tights...]