Sunday, March 30, 2008

Student Dance Works at Cedar Crest

Last night I went back up to Cedar Crest to see their evening of student dance works. Pieces choreographed and designed by the students were the schedule of the evening, and I got to see a lot of my friends from Spitfire and Big Love. The evening was eight different dance pieces, some of them good and some of them absolutely amazing. There was one performance that clearly took an idea from out production of Big Love, and it featured all the girls dancing with long pieces of white scarves. But really, the part that impressed me the most was watching these girls do what they are really trained to do. Seeing dancers work on musical theatre is one thing, but seeing them "dance" and do what they are trained to do is something else entirely. I was very impressed with what the girls could do last night.


Missy said...

well glad you came!

Nick M said...

I was hoping to tell you that in person, but someone doesn't come drinking with us.... My eye is on you, Missy!

DVD e CD said...
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