Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A little out of order - The Mercy Seat

Last night I went down to Allens Lane Theatre to audition for Neil la Bute's play "The Mercy Seat." I know the director from my time at Villanova, and it took us nearly a week to schedule a time that I could make it for an audition. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be too busy. Once Noelle and I caught up on old times, I started with my monologue and then moved on to readings from the script. I read with a couple different actresses for the role, and I think I did a great job. I took Noelle's adjustments well, and I think I brought the conflicting elements of the character to life. Ben is having an affair and lying to his family, but there also needs to be some sort of loveable and endearing quality to him in order for the audience to respond to the play. I should be learning about the role today, as I'm on my way to New York for another summer season audition. Keep your fingers crossed.


jeff p said...

Keep an eye on your belongings this time!

Jackie said...

hey, so guess what! I've been asked to perform in Dublin next week for the Irish Student Drama Association's annual competition, kinda excited... and I needed a theatre person to share that with. That role sounds right up your alley good luck in NYC!