Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Auditioning weekend

After being robbed on the Chinatown bus (see previous entry), I had my own personal "What Not to Wear" day in Macy's in NYC. Course, I didn't have either the free money or the fashion advice, but I did have to replace a bunch of clothes that had gone missing. So I got shirts, sweaters, jeans, everything. So when I showed up to an audition on Friday for the national tour of "Frost/Nixon" I was wearing an entirely new outfit! The audition for the Equity tour consisted of readings from the script, and I did a pretty strong job for a role that I'm not right for. The men in the show are all in their thirties and older, so I went to the call more for the experience than anything else. And it was a good experience.

Saturday afternoon were callbacks for Bristol Valley Theatre, where I spent last summer working in upstate New York. They started with the musical, where I sang, dance, and read very well for the comedic trio team of rednecks. Then after a quick lunch and a trip to the Drama Book Shop, where they didn't have the play I wanted, it was back to the callbacks. Reading for "Rough Crossing" by Tom Stoppard, I had some great moments as a member of the Marx Brothers-esque comedy team. It is a funny and witty show, being directed by the same guy who directed me in "Lend Me a Tenor" last summer. So I'd really like to get that show.

And the day was rounded out by the callbacks for "The Mousetrap" by Agatha Christie. Now in a moment of fun, "The Mousetrap" was the first professional gig I had out of college. Starting my internship at Hedgerow Theatre, I played Giles Ralston, the husband of the young innkeeper Mollie, getting some pretty good reviews. This time, however, I was considered for the other men in the show, but I would really like to play the Detective of the piece, Trotter. It's a well-written role with a lot of subtext going on, and the challenge appeals to me. Not just the challenge of the role, but the challenge of going back to a show I've previously done and bringing something new to the role and creating what my imagination saw five years ago.

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