Friday, March 14, 2008

Meeting an agent

On Tuesday afternoon, I met with a professional agent out in Jenkintown, PA. I was recommended to her through one of the casting directors in Philadelphia, and the idea of meeting with an agent excited me. We sat in her office and talked for about forty-five minutes, with her praising my theatrical background and my initiative in finding theatre work. She told me about a few projects that she was already planning to submit me for, and then I left the office feeling great about my work and about my career. Sure, it's a small step. But most first steps are small. The challenge is to have the stamina and the determination to keep taking those steps down the road toward what you want. She said that one of the keys to a career as an actor is the determination to stick with it as I get older. And as I've been finding out in the last week, there is nothing else that I'd rather be doing.


jeff p said...

Excellent stuff, man. Have a great weekend!

Akinogal said...

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