Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You can't always get what you want

So I got the email today thanking me for my time, complimenting my preparation, and praising my insight to the role in “The Woolgatherer.” However, they were unable to call everyone back, and my headshot and resume will be kept in their file for future projects. And while I’m disappointed that I won’t get the job, I can take a lot of consolation in the fact that I gave a great audition. There was really nothing about the audition that I could have done better. Going into the audition last night, I knew that I was an unusual choice for this role. It had nothing to do with range, but rather everything to do with type. My experiences with “Big Love” have really led me to believe that I can play any part, given enough courage to take big performance risks. So while I’m disappointed not to be given the chance to play the role, but I’m happy that I gave as strong an audition as I could have.

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