Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Mercy Seat

I received word yesterday that I was cast as Ben in "TMS" at Allens Lane Theatre in Germantown. The show is going up in late April-early May, and we started our rehearsal process last night with a read-through of the script. Now, there are only two characters in the entire show, so it's a veritable tour-de-force for an actor. In addition, the role is a challenging one for an actor, and after my experiences with "Big Love," I'm very excited to work on such a dynamic and brave script. We had our read-through last night, and it's going to be a very interesting process. The show itself is not as "simple" or as "clear" as other scripts I have read in the past, and that is something that really attracts me to the role. LaBute is always writing about "good people who do bad things," and it's the kind of challenge that I'm excited to meet head-on. You will hear more about it as the work continues, and I'm really thrilled that I'll get the chance to work on a script like this.


Amanda said...

I freaking LOVE LaBute... The Mercy Seat is a tough one, it's true.

jeff p said...

Congrats, Nick!