Friday, March 28, 2008

Paper Cuts - Ep. 6

Yesterday began with another early morning train ride into Philly to film most of my scenes for the new episode of "Paper Cuts." This shooting day was a little harder and a little more frustrating than shoots have been in the past. I was challenged right off the bat by a "re-write" that was discussed at the read-through two weeks ago, one that I was never given. So I had to learn a song that I was supposed to sing in a matter of seconds, since our schedule was running a little behind. And then after rushing through the first scene, it was a long wait until the next set-up was complete so we could move on. And then the next few scenes were done with a rush on them, and it became a very technical morning for me, moving from mark to mark and saying my lines. Next Tuesday I finish my scenes for Episode 6, and then the next script is the season finale. We're not sure if the show is going to continue next year, and I'm told the season finale will wrap up some plotlines and yet also leave the door open for someone to revive the show at a later date. It's been a good run, no matter what happens, and the experience has been very rewarding. It's been the most on-camera work that I've done lately, and I have really enjoyed watching the character develop over time. One more episode of fun, and then it's off to other things.

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