Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Last night was my audition for Cliff in "The Woolgatherer." The role is that of a blue-collar truck driver, so as I was reading the script, I thought that I was a very strange selection for that "type." Nevertheless, I prepared my monologue from the show that they wanted to see, and I dressed in a sweater and work pants. Because of the working class aspect of the character, I figured that khakis and a collared shirt would be a poor choice. Now, they often tell you in theatre audition books that you shouldn't dress "in costume" for an audition, but I've always felt that you should dress to "suggest" the character. Hence the work boots to complete the outfit.

I ran into some friends at the audition, which is always a pleasent thing for me. And it turns out that the woman running the company was a Villanova student, and she had seen me in some of the musicals there when she was a prospective student. So it's always nice to meet a fan. I did the monologue for her and the director, and I did a pretty good job. It was harder to find moments in the monologue than it was in the scene for "Taming of the Shrew," but I was very aware of being in the moment and giving each change in thought the appropriate breathing time. I tried to make sure the moments were living on the stage. The director gave me an adjustment to make the speech a little "darker," and when I had finished, he complimented my performance. They had invited one of my friends to the callback when she left the audition room, and they said they would be contacting the rest of us sometime later in the night, or early the next morning. I don't know if I'm the right choice for this kind of role, but I do know that I've now nailed two auditions in a row.

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jeff p said...

On a roll! One more and you'll have an official streak going. What have you been up to between the auditions?