Saturday, October 6, 2007

What felt like a real day

This picture is from "Big Love," and it mirrors a picture earlier. I had posted our nice and warm wedding photo, now this is the one where we are trying to kill each other. As your eyes work over the picture, I love that two couples are a little goofy, or just misunderstand each other. Only one pair legitimately wants to murder each other. I miss her...
Back to RnJ, we spent the day blocking early bits of the show. We had our costume fittings (I look like a red-garbed version of Robin Hood), and then we worked basically all the way through the big party scene where Romeo meets Juliet. Granted, we did have to skip the big Queen Mab scene, but it is on the schedule for tomorrow. I was a little nervous a few days ago about this speech, but now I'm really looking forward to doing it tomorrow. I have to remember to bring the reckless creativity to rehearsal, just as I did on Big Love. I need to make sure I learn that lesson and remember it for tomorrow.


Andrea said...

Boo. You're lazy. Tell us how Queen Mab went. ;)

michelle said...

miss. you. too.