Friday, October 26, 2007

Ain't So Bad After All

Yes, your comments on the previous post did make me realize I have it pretty sweet. We had a good show this morning in the Tampa Theatre, an absolutely beautiful house. A picture of the theatre space is to the right, with both the proscenium art lit up and the ceiling lit to create the night sky. And now we have the weekend off before we go back to performing on Tuesday. We're staying at a cast member's beachhouse in St. Petersburg, FL for the next few days, before we drive out to Alabama on Sunday afternoon. We're looking to go minigolfing tomorrow, followed by a seafood dinner tomorrow night. And as regards the last post, I'm going to come through this tour with flying colors and then when I get home to Philly, I'll start working on that TV and film career.
After take-out dinner tonight, we sat down at watched Baz Lurman's Romeo + Juliet, which I had never seen before. It was amazing to see such a wild and energetic film version of the play we're working on, and their Mercutio was incredible. I now have two other Mercutios in my mind, and it's really exciting to see the choices that those different actors made. I'm not stealing ideas from either of them, but I'm letting their work shade some moments that I've been having trouble with. Frank (Romeo) and I were excited to watch the film, and we kept looking at each other, pointing at the screen, and saying "I miss that line," "I wish we were doing that," or "that makes so much more sense!" It was both frustrating and wonderful to watch the movie, but I'm glad we made it a cast thing.


Amanda said...

i love baz lurman. and i was definately in an "i heart romeo and juliet" fan club in 7th grade when the movie came out. and this was a pre-titanic leonardo so i think we started the trend. and i'm pretty sure part of our club activities included reciting the entire movie... wow what a dork!

PS - i was at a party with claire danes last week, how full circle is that???

Nick M said...

I was thinking of you when we were watching the movie, because of the Clare Danes connection. Did you tell her I said hello?

Jackie said...

This just in you really are a nerd. I miss that line? lol I sad thing is I've done that too. Wasn't that version amazing? well minus romeo and juliet. off to England for the week keep me posted!

RMontesano said...

Gorgeous theater Nick! And you want to do TV? I can't imagine playing ANY role in a more beautiful setting. This coming from a guy who's own theater is a thrust w/ 180 seats.

I don't have to keep telling you to have fun. I see you are.

Amanda said...

Actually, Claire was really busy with her boyfriend Hugh Dancy for most of the evening (celebrities...), but I did manage to catch a glimpse of her... it seemed a little inappropriate at the time to yell out "Nick says hi!" especially at my first (and hopefully not last) social event on Broadway, but I’m sure she totally remembers you. It was so amazing though, I need to tell you all about it sometime.