Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First day on RnJ

Although I had to get up around 6am this morning to make the train up to Milford CT, once I got here the time has totally been worth it. I was very nervous to come up here and start work, knowing that it would include all the stress of both working away from home as well as the stress of touring. But everyone in our company is a lot of fun, and everyone seems like they could be fun once we get on the road. The show is very well cast, and everyone seems to be appropriate for their roles. They bring different energies to different types of roles, and it promises to be fun.

Now, I'm also living in a hotel room with two other guys, and because we have a cot in our room, our floor space is kind of limited. But I just got back from the pool, and now we're in a hotel room watching the Cubs play the Diamondbacks. Not a bad start to this work.

Quote of the Day: "Golden Girls is a classy version of Sex in the City"


Andrea said...

Love me the quote. Might have to steal that one.

and impressed that you actually had the energy to rehearse after getting up at 6am...Not sure I would have been able to.

Amanda said...

Quote of the Day: "Golden Girls is a classy version of Sex and the City"

That may be, but if Sex and the City had existed back then, I feel as though Blanche would SO have been on that show instead of Golden Girls. She was the Samantha Jones of her day.