Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What an actor might do on a day off

Yesterday was our day off from Romeo and Juliet, and most of the cast headed back to their homes in New York City for the day. But there were some of us left up here, and we went over to visit a cast member who lives in the local area. She lives with her parents on a horse farm, and we got to meet all the animals and ride a horse named Beatrice. Then we went to the vegetarian/vegan restaurant run by her family called "Duck's Soup," which was delicious. Then we came back to the hotel, played some card games, talked about Shakespeare, and then I spent most of the evening watching TV and reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows." I borrowed it from another company member, and I finished it this morning before rehearsal. We're now looking forward to a solid week of working scenes and running the show, before we go into tech rehearsals next week.

This is always one of my least favorite weeks. I really don't like running the show for that solid week beforehand. I like working on scenes, and I like exploring moments, but I really don't enjoy just barging through full runs of the show every day. It's a little frustrating as it goes on and on, but I recognize it as a beneficial thing to the production and to other actors. Just like some actors need quiet before they work on a scene, my energy feeds in different ways off of my co-workers.

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Amanda said...

Sounds like so much fun! Hey - just a little F.Y.I - I think there is a way to link up your blog to your Facebook account. Check it out! =)