Thursday, October 18, 2007

An odd change of pace....

So today was our first day of tech, at which we accomplished almost all of our cue-to-cue, the chance that we have to go slowly through the play and work on each light and sound change so we get it down. But halfway through our tech, the word came down from our artistic director that one of our actors was being let go. This actor also happened to be our stage manager. Within fifteen minutes, the artistic director approached me to take over his cue book and become the company's stage manager. Since it came with both responsibility and a pay raise, I naturally said yes. Also, this show is going well, so I want to ensure that it has a great tech run. Besides, the idea of working with venues and tech directors is very appealing to me, and a position like this plays into my strengths. It would be hard for me to remain quiet and work on the show on the sides, so I'm glad of the chance to get a little more hands-on in the technical aspect.

That being said, having an actor fired with only two days left in the rehearsals is a little bizarre. I can understand both his motives and the motives of the company, but I think it's a testament to the strength of our company that we all took the news with such stride. There weren't any panics or freakouts, we just took a long break in the middle of the day, and then went forth again. Personally, I just spent the last hour looking over his notebook with cues and prompts, and I know I need my sleep for tomorrow.


Andrea said...

Whoa. Scary. It is definitely impressive that nobody freaked out.

Glad to hear you get to be a little bossy again. ;)

Jeff said...

Mr. Bossy Stage Manager! Don't let the prestige get to your head. I know how you were knocking over the little people at Pella to get ahead, so promise me you'll be nicer in your new position. And stop having so much darn fun!