Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All packed up, somewhere to go

Well, the suitcase is packed, the computer is charging to go into the backpack, and all the bills have been paid online. I'm taking a train tonight to NYC, and then I'm crashing with a friend so I can catch the 7:30 train up to Milford CT for our first day of rehearsal. So it works out really well that I still have to learn my lines for the show. I'll have a lot of train time to look them over. There really is nothing like procrastination....


FleshPresser said...

yeah.... it's not like you've been BUSY or anything, eh?

Safe journeys, my friend... we'll be looking forward to keeping tabs on you!

Jeff said...

Hope you have tons of fun Nick! Keep up with the blog and post as many pics as you can. Oh, and if you run into some more (and inexpensive) icewine, pick me up a bottle and I'll pay you back.

Amanda said...

if you get this, it means you have internet.

and it means you need to friend me on facebook. (don't you love how the internet has turned words like "friend" into verbs???)

ok now seriously. GO! add me! NOW! i mean it.

Anonymous said...

best of luck!!!!!
learn those lines slacker!

michelle said...

sorry I'm not anonymous..I just don't know how to work these things!