Saturday, October 13, 2007


It always seems to be that I know exactly what to write, and I write with great frequency when things are going really well. There is fun to share and stories to tell. Great photos to post up here are followed by great stories, and everyone likes to read about someone having fun at what they are doing. But on R&J, just as I did on Cinderella before this, when I'm frustrated or tired I tend not to want to sit down at my computer and write about what's going on.

But I am going to try to make an effort to change that with this blog as of now. We're working on the show, running it every day and then working scenes with the rest of the day. Today we took a field trip to see the other touring cast perform at their tech rehearsal before heading out on the road soon. It was to see the stage, so we would know how much space we have and what the stage size is. But we haven't ever received measurements for our set, so spacing rehearsals are beyond useless. We don't know how much room we have, or how much room we want, so there is no way to just look at the stage and figure out how much space we need. I've also been waiting over a week to receive knee pads for the show, and we haven't had any costume/shoe converstations since our fitting on day three. I know there are boxes of shoes around, or so the rumor goes, but that should not be something I am responsible for on my own. I'm not picking through the box; I'm waiting for the appropriate time when the costumer will bring the box out and hand me things.

I've been learning over the years since I worked at Hedgerow Theatre, and I am developing a strong sense of understanding what is not my job. I have no problems being a team player, but I am not going to accept any duties that are not assigned to me. This company is testing my limits of being a self-sufficient professional actor. I understand that certain things are required of a touring troupe, but I should not have to do things that are not part of my job description.

And if I sound frustrated, you're right.


RMontesano said...
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RMontesano said...

My first thought sucked, so I removed it. Anyway this sounds depressing. As you mentioned in your email that the garbage can can whisk your troubles away... if that doesn't work... JUST THROW CAKE!!!!

Nick M said...

It's not depressing, it's just a fact of the job. I kinda like having these moments where acting feels like a job. Otherwise, it would be too much fun all the time.