Monday, October 22, 2007

Another openin', another touring show

We opened our show this morning at 10:15, to a very successful audience. The kids really enjoyed the performance, they asked some good questions, and they were with us all the way. Our load-in went very well, and we didn't really have any problems when it came to set up. There are a lot of things that we have now learned how to do better when it comes to future load-ins, and also when it comes to packing up the trailer for the load-outs.

But then, heading back to Jackalope Jack's for lunch, we blew out one of the tires on the trailer. And then we found that there was a stripped lug nut on the trailer, so we had to call AAA to come and save us. We got on the road about an hour and half later than we wanted to, and then we made pretty good time getting ourselves into Atlanta, where we now reside. We're scrounging for dinner (no one wanted to go to The Varsity with me...) and then it's time for Monday night football. We do another show tomorrow morning, and then we drive back to North Carolina, and then down to Florida. We're going to be very well traveled, but only along I-85.

There was also a lot of fun, as an old college friend of mine met us this morning and came to see our show. Then we went to lunch (and had our tire adventure), and some of our company members decided to have some drinks at lunch. Unfortunately, this drinking continued into the van trip, and she was climbing all over other cast members and the bench seats. We kept looking at each other thinking "is this really happening??" And it's only the first day...


Special K said...

glad to hear you had a good first show
i have some inside info on the HoJo
its a little scary
samantha who? is on tonight i so don't do football

RMontesano said...

Kick their collective asses! Have a ball and let us know when you are in the area.. We'll get the van's and SUVs on the road.

Nick M said...

what would that inside info be, Special K?