Friday, June 15, 2007

Welcome message

Hello, to any and all that are reading this. Some of you might be aware of another blog I was keeping in which I chronicled my adventures as a part of a national tour of Cinderella. Well, I'm at it again, only this time I've decided that this blog will be an ongoing one, and not only a show-specific one like last time. So to that end....

I am currently writing from the downtown library in Naples, NY (about 60 miles from Rochester.) I'm working for the Bristol Valley Theatre, where tomorrow I start rehearsals for Lend Me a Tenor. This company has been really chill so far, and they welcomed all of us new actors with a taco dinner at the home of the artistic director. We're going to go see the opening of the current show, and then have more social functions at the bar and a bonfire, before all heading home to start our own play tomorrow. We start with a readthough and dramaturgical presentation; that's what's on the schedule. I am excited to be a part of this community, although I promise that I will dedicate a future entry to describing the town itself.

Until then, I'm glad to have you along, and feel free to drop in and out. I've set this up to prevent myself from telling the same stories over and over again, and also to have a way to look back on just what it is that I do with my professional life. For those of you who are wondering what it's like to be a professional actor... maybe you'll find some glimpses of that life here.

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