Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Marathon Rehearsal

Today, we finished the play. We started the morning jumping into Act 2, and we finished it completely at about 5:45 this evening. The end of the play, as with all farces, has all the characters rush back on stage, giving the director the headache of trying to decide where they all can stand. That took quite some doing, but we ultimately have made it all work.

Earlier in the day, we also did all the rampant sex bits, where people are constantly jumping into bed together, and then they are surprised by a knock on the door. I, sadly, only get to be the knock on the door in this show, but it was a lot of fun to watch them rehearse and figure out little bits of stage business. As much as I like having time off when I'm not working, I also really enjoy watching other actors work on their scenes. I can never seem to study my lines or do something else in those times. I like watching other actors come up with ideas, and then refine those ideas with the director until they are even better. It's a healthy appreciation for their talent and craft, and it's something I really enjoy.

Tonight is the theatre's cabaret, and I've decided on reading a few of my poems. I have vague ideas about which ones, but I still need to order them and get them performance-ready. Some might say I'm not leaving myself a lot of time for it... and they'd be right.

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