Friday, June 22, 2007

Tomorrow is the big day

We spent all of today on another work-through run, cleaning up some spots and working out better jokes and staging for others. All along, Dominic is trimming some lines out of the script to make our production cleaner, crisper, and to use his favorite word, "zanier." There are some new bits we're working in, including a moment where I fiddle with a cigar and I'm just about to light it when I hear some bad news that makes me pause. It's a really great joke, and it means that we'll have both champagne and cigars that we will have to finish from the show every night. It could be worse.

Tomorrow afternoon we have a run for the designers, what is referred to here as a "basement run." It's basically just our first run off-book for an audience, and so I need to dedicate some time tonight to being off-book. It's not going to take me as long as I feared, since I did the entire first act today with only a few problem spots. The second act also has more fast-paced lines, which are always easier for me to learn. I slowed the pace on my speeches down a whole lot based on some direction from Wednesday, and it has made them a lot easier to remember. It's a conscious effort to think through the specific ideas in each speech, and then make them logically connect. In a sense, it's what acting is all about.

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