Thursday, June 21, 2007

A day off

I had the day off today. So I slept until 11am. The next day I will have completely off is July 16th, so I figured I would enjoy it while I can. I had ideas of getting some things done today, but all I did so far is watch a movie, have lunch, and catch up on some emails. I did call a few friends today, trying to keep in touch with others, and I spent the early evening working on a sample ghostwriting project for a potential freelance job. It took far longer than I thought it would, but I decided to put in the extra effort to make the sample really excellent so I can land the gig.

I also learned today that some of my friends are going to come see opening weekend of "Man of La Mancha" in July. They will visit just as I move to another house, one that sits on the edge of the lake. I'm very excited that they will come up to see me, and I think I'll even get to spend some time with them over that weekend, since my schedule will open up as soon as "La Mancha" opens. I couldn't be more excited....

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