Sunday, June 17, 2007

Spit-takes are always funny

Although rehearsal today only lasted for about an hour for me, we did my first scene with my assistant Max and my daughter Maggie. In the course of the scene, I pop a grape into my mouth, and then immediately spit it across the room (into the audience) when I discover that it is wax fruit. Dominic (the director) and I spent a good five minutes figuring out the funniest place to both pick up the grape, and then what to do with it once I've got it in my hand. The script wants me to have it in my hand for about six lines, including a big speech of mine, but we held it off a bit. Otherwise, I'm performing an "Alas, poor Yorick" speech to a grape.

I've got the afternoon off before I go back to work at 6 tonight, so I'm enjoying the sandwich and coffee of a place called The Grainery. It's the popular spot around town, apparently, but the biggest disappointment is that it closes at 2pm. That's the frustrating part about towns like Naples, or Bloomsburg; as pretty and friendly as they are, no businesses keep the kind of hours that actors require.

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