Saturday, June 16, 2007

Meeting and readthrough

It's always amazing when a bunch of talented performers are assembled in one room together, and then they get to read the show they will be doing. Although I've been reading LMAT for months on my own, hearing another voice say the lines with me is a breath of life. I find myself paying more attention to what is happening when I have to read the words out loud, and I like hearing what the other actors think is funny. I have my own personal sense of humor, but I enjoy learning what they like and the kinds of jokes that really tickle them in the right way.

We also had a designers presentation today - they showed us the designs for the costume and set, which are going to be really cool. The play is set in the late 1930s, and we will be in a used and very-aged hotel room in Cleveland. The period costumer sketches are very impressive, and I'm excited to see all of us decked out in 1930s tuxedos, including my character, who they tell me will be conspicuosly overdressed.

We start our real work tomorrow on the blocking of the show, and we have the rest of Saturday off so the other cast can perform two matinees of the show that runs before Tenor. I'm thinking about exploring some of the area, and maybe taking a little trip to the towns near us that are a little larger than Naples. There is lots of hiking to be done in the area, but I'm going to save that for a legitimate day off, when I can really devote time to planning and going. These little grabs of time in the week will be filled with reading, writing, or a selection of movies from the local library.

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Amanda said...

ooo 1930's! fun. i don't know this show at all, so maybe i will learn something from reading this!

PS - as my college creative writing professor once told me, "memoirs are very in right now. so marketable." you should think about publishing. hehe.