Saturday, June 23, 2007

Basement Show

Our designer run/basement show this afternoon was a complete success. We rehearsed before it, working through the end of the show as well as a few trouble spots or new bits that needed some attention. And David and I figure out just how funny it is to have someone say a line while a cigar dangles from his mouth. (that would me be.) Some folk are going back to see the previous show tonight before heading out for 25 cent wings, and I'm not yet sure about my plans for the evening. I picked up some movies and a collection of short stories from the library, so I might sit outside on my deck and read tonight. I've been a little too busy to really soak in the beauty of the nature all around me, even though I've been a witness to it all.

After that first rehearsal, the basement show went very well. We had maybe 15 people in the audience, and they all laughed at the right times and had a lot of fun. Some of the laughs were for moments that we, the ensemble, knew would be hilarious, and some were for moments that we hadn't expected. And there were also plenty of moments where the ensemble laughed from the corner where we sat, but the audience itself only smiled. But all fears aside, we do have a funny show, which I'd imagine would be important for a comedy...

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Amanda said...

Isn't it the best to hear an audience laugh at stuff for the first time??? I love it. It's kind of fun to hear about your experience with this show because it reminds me of everything I love about theatre too. So thanks for documenting it! =)

PS - You made me REALLY want to watch Mean Girls again. haha.