Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good grief

We had a runthrough this morning, and it went very well. Jokes started to be funny again, and we're still discovering new moments and "subtext" even though it's a farce. There is a moment in the second act where Tommy and I are zany, then we're calm, and then we do an immediate shift back into zany again. Dom really loved our shift today, saying that we actually do the thing from the Peanuts cartoon strip where the characters spin in the air before they land. He's not sure how we do it exactly, but he's so glad that we figured it out cause it's hilarious.

We have another rehearsal tonight, but it's apparently just for couch gags. We've been working for the last week with a rehearsal couch, a stunt couch, a big blue and purple comfy sofabed. But the actual couch, the show couch, is apparently smaller, studier, and not as "fluffy." So tonight, while the technical crew builds the set in the theatre on the floor above us, we will be working out all the business on the new couch, to see if those same bits are going to work. Dom said we'll be ending early, which is a good thing, and then on Monday we get to venture onto the actual set for the first time so we can practice slamming the doors.

I can't wait

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