Monday, June 18, 2007

Act I

Over the past two days, we've blocked the entirety of Act 1. We even had time enough to run it today twice. The first was straight-through, just to see if we remembered everything. And then we took our time on the second run, stopping now and then to work on very specific bits as they occured. It is a very funny production, and it is the kind of work that repetition will only make better. Some jokes need to be a little cleaner to be as funny as they can be, but that is just the work of doing it over and over again. We've been doing a lot of heavy work on the first act, and then tomorrow morning we're going to start on the second. As it is with most theatre, the second act is about half the length of the first, so the director is actually hoping to finish it tomorrow. I think we stand a decent chance of it, actually.

Tomorrow night, Bristol Valley Theatre is holding a cabaret performance for those of us who are up there for the summer. They like to give their company the chance to show off other skills, which may not be used in their productions. While a lot of my fellow performers are looking to sing something, I've decided to read some poems or short stories that I've written. I haven't quite decided on specific pieces yet, but I figure I will do that tonight. Every actor sings, but not all of them write.


Amanda said...

i'm kind of jealous, i really need to be doing a show right now! david said to tell you hi.

Nick M said...

Well, you can tell David I said hello right back! Hope things are good at Walnut Street.