Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tech rehearsals

Since I last wrote, we had two days of technical rehearsals in the space, on the set, with the costumes for the very first time. Our spacing rehearsal went very well on Monday night, where we learned where we had to stand so we we're blocking any doors, as well as when and where to move to see how long it would take to open and close the doors. Dom was running over the theatre all night, checking the sightlines, and it was a very technical and detailed kind of run.

Then on Tuesday, we went through our cue to cue, running each one for the light and sound people so they could write the cues and then practice the timing of them. That took the better part of the afternoon, and then I got my show-required haircut from one of the girls in the cast. We then had our costume parade, where we showed off our wardrobe under the stage lights so Dom could make suggestions and comments about it all. My gold suit looks even better under the lights, although I'll be getting a different shirt with it; Dom didn't like the dark purple. We then took another break, and last night we had our technical run. It was the first time we put everything in the show together - set, costumes, makeup, lights, sound. It went very well, and we only had little technical glitches at the beginning and the end of the play.

We have another run today at 2pm, and then we have our invited dress rehearsal tonight. We've very excited for it tonight, since Dom said the only thing that we really need at this point is an audience, and we'll have a small one tonight. Tomorrow is our first preview, and then we officially open on Friday night. And fresh from the success of opening night, we start rehearsing Man of La Mancha on Saturday morning at 10am, so you'll get to hear all about that one in a few days.

I'm about to have much less free time around here, but I'll be working on two shows at once. How much fun is that!


Amanda said...

It's so refreshing to read your blog and hear such optimism. So many actors would only use this as a means to complain. Especially when talking about tech. So props to you.

Gold suit? That sounds too good to be true. haha.

Nick M said...

Well, to be honest, I'm very aware of this being a public forum, and I'm not interested in naming names or complaining... I just want to share what we're doing during the day.

Besides, tech really did go smoothly.