Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pretty Cold...

We are in northern Wisconsin tonight, and it's pretty gorram cold! We have an early show tomorrow morning, and we'll be leaving before six o'clock in the morning so we can pack up our van before swinging by a Starbucks for our morning coffee constitutional. This is really the only early morning we have on the road, and the only time that we are going to be out of the hotel before the breakfast has been set up. But the rest of our days are pretty normal. We only have two more weeks after today, and we're spending the weekend in Chicago. Coming from only a three-day work week, the extended weekend seems rather pointless to me. I'd rather we compressed the time into half a week less as opposed to having all these weekends off. It's cool, though, cause I'll get to see friends next weekend in Allentown, as well as hopefully ditch some dirty laundry and no-longer-needed items.

Plus, I'm excited to have friends see my show! It's fun to say that I'm playing Mercutio, but I'm glad they will get a chance to see what I'm doing. Plus, it will make all the stories that much more real when they actually meet the people who are involved.

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