Monday, December 10, 2007

Feeling the Saginaw Spirit

Last night, we were watching the weather closely. They were calling for ice storms throughout the region, so there was the possibility that they might cancel the show. Turns out, the ice passed to the south and the west of Ann Arbor, so we could make it to the show in the morning. We got lost a little bit on the way to the school, but we eventually found our way. And then we almost slid the van and the trailer into a nearby lake when I hit a patch of black ice on the road behind the school. But that balanced out, because we played one of our largest crowds in one of our nicest spaces. There was an acoustic band shell in place on the stage, and we could be heard in the audience with barely a whisper on stage. Then a great Irish pub lunch in Ann Arbor, an all-too-brief visit to an excellent two-story comic and game shop, and then a brief drive a little farther north to Saginaw, Michigan. The town is the home of the Saginaw Spirit, the hockey team supported by Stephen Colbert, and their mascot Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle. We are, however, about half an hour away from our theatre, and we'll have to be on the road early tomorrow morning. Then we have a long-ass drive over to Scranton over the next few days.

But we only have 10 days left.


RMontesano said...

Just catching up on your travels. I'm sorry I missed wishing you Happy Birthday but the sentiment now is directed toward your icy position.
When is Scranton? Will you be in town this weekend? And I'm in at the Chicken Lounge... just let me know.

RMontesano said...

And since I can only contact Andrea through your blog. I met her parents at the Playhouse this weekend. Nice people. Hi Andrea.

Andrea said...

Hi, Ralph. My parents enjoyed your show. Congrats on a great run! Sorry I missed sounded fun.