Monday, December 17, 2007

A game of f*ck your buddy, gone horribly horribly wrong

After driving through a storm and gale last night, we got lost on our way into Boston, arriving twenty minutes late for our load-in. Then we learned that we would only be performing for 17 students. We got set up really quickly, but then we were sorta goofing off while we waited for them to arrive, which they did precisely at 10:15 (show time.) We think we gave them a pretty good show, which they really enjoyed. They were very enthusiastic afterwards, asking a lot of questions. But the problem came because we were a little wild today. We were laughing onstage, and I took a few of the nurse's shouts to Juliet while she is on her balcony. It made the actors onstage smile and laugh, and, I'd say, enfused a little joy into the end of the scene. Our company manager, however, did not agree, and was pretty steamed at what we had done. The game "f*ck your buddy" is a well-respected game, one at which I happen to have a great deal of talent and skill. It's something that keeps the shows alive, and often needs to be played on rough days. I was sorry that it "crossed a line" with the work of the show, but I never saw anything wrong with it. It didn't ruin a scene (like laughing onstage), nor did it endanger another actor (like throwing a prop unsafely.) Unneccesary? Yes. Uncalled for? Probably. Unprofessional? No.


Andrea said...

You just needed to be taught a lesson. How dare you labor under the impression that your job is fun.

That being said...I guess the show in Wilmington will be pretty straightforward then, eh?

Nick M said...

It will include a hair flip!