Saturday, December 22, 2007

All done!

We finished up the tour a few days ago, and now I'm in Queens visiting a friend before I head home tomorrow for Christmas. This tour has been quite a wild ride. We travelled all across the country, with a final count of 15,850 miles. That's almost 2,000 more miles than I covered on my Cinderella tour, and it's more than any of us had thought. We took bets on our total mileage, and although I came in second with a guess around 12,000, Dennis hit the nail almost on the head with a guess around 15,700 miles. To be that close was incredibly impressive. After our show on Thursday, we drove back up to CT. We loaded all our stuff out at the company warehouse, and then we raced over to the Bridgeport train station to catch the early train back to NYC. We made it with only minutes to spare, and then we separated when we got to Grand Central. I rode the train out to Queens with some friends, and then we all went our separate ways. It's always strange for me to think about the fact that this group of people will probably never be together again. But I always feel that way when I leave shows, and any attempt to bring a cast back together always has an empty and hollow feel to it. Magic occurs when people come together for a brief time, and that magic is not something that one can simply create again.

I'll try to write more about the tour, but I'm glad to be home. It was a pretty long time to be gone, and a long time to be doing the same show for children. It'll be several weeks before I start on Spitfire Grill, which I am really looking forward to. But in the meantime, I need to find some sort of job to make some money. But I'm not so worried about that at the moment, since I'm really excited to spend the holidays with my family, my house, my cat, and my own bed(!) Tonight we're going to see a Sherlock Holmes play in New York, which I'm excited about. And then early on Sunday, I'm going home. The last time I was at home was October 2nd, when I left for CT to start rehearsing Romeo and Juliet. So I'm really excited to go home!

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Amanda said...

Congrats! You made it. Tell Queens I said hi and I'll be back soon.