Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ice storms

After the chance to grab some coffee and a sandwich in Chicago, we hit the road so we could reach Ann Arbor, Michigan for our show tomorrow morning. The travel and such went pretty well, even though I later learned that we were going in the wrong direction for about twenty minutes. But the real treat was the solid sheet of ice posing as the parking lot of the Super 8 where we currently sit. We ordered some pizza and subs for our dinner, and now we're just waiting out the weather. There is the slight chance that our performance in the morning will be cancelled due to school closings, and I'm honestly hoping that's the way it goes. This weather is miserable and dangerous, and I don't relish the idea of driving and working in this kind of weather in the early morning hours. I'd much rather enjoy my bitter coffee and stale donuts and sleep in and then drive even further north, even farther into the barren weather, toward another show in Bay City, MI.

Oh, and it's my birthday today. Walking into the hotel, stepping carefully across the snow and ice creating a wasteland, I had this image of ordering some pizza, getting a coke from the vending machine, and then I'd sit on my motel bed wearing a paper party hat, rock slowly back and forth singing happy birthday to me... So this is how 27 starts


Kerrie said...

Happy Birthday! :)

FleshPresser said...

Happy Birthday, my friend!! We'll make up for it when you get back east... pizza, beer, sports... what else is missing from that equation? :)


Nick M said...

Singing Johnny Cash songs at the Chicken Lounge. I'm excited to see you this week. Bringing the script for Grill?