Saturday, December 1, 2007


A few days ago, I spoke to my friend Colleen back in Philadelphia. She was on my Cinderella tour with me last year, and now she's touring with Enchantment Theatre's production of "The Velveteen Rabbit," which is now touing the country as well. She told me that based on the conversations we had last year, their company is keeping a blog of their adventures on the road. So we traded information, and their blog, Fairies On a Tour, is now linked over on the right side of mine. Hopefully, they'll put my link up as well. We had talked about it last year, and I had kept Enchanting Journeys as an unofficial "secret" from them. I actually don't tell co-workers about this blog, but I tell them about it after I'm done working with them. The rehearsal process, while very collaborative, is ultimately a very personal thing for me; for that reason I don't like sharing my private and personal thoughts with people I'm working with. But after the fact, they can go back and look the entries up if they care to.

But it was awesome to learn that the Enchantment kids are keeping a blog! They can all post on it, and some of their entries reveal very different types of adventures. There is a book in here somewhere, I know. And if you visit their blog, click on one of the advertisements. That way, they'll get some money. And all actors love money...

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