Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cleveland rocks

We spent the day today in various places in and around Cleveland proper. We went down to the water on Lake Erie first, running through a crowd of nearly 800 seagulls that had gathered in a local park. As they flew into the air, it was literally a wall of birds that we saw coming down on us. Pretty amazing. From there, we went into the (lobby of) the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, at which we saw a lot of cool items from various music tours (Phish, U2, Wheezer, Moby.) We rode on the local trolley system, like something out of the not-too-distant future, and then we ended up in Tower City, a semi-large shopping mall area in downtown. We had some lunch, saw some stuff, and then drove back to the hotel.

Three guys went to see a movie, and then Tim and I went to the coolest toy store in the world! Not only did they have new toys for sale, but they had hundreds of the vintage ones. Old Mego action figures, old-fashioned Transformers, vintage GI Joe figures from the 80s, Star Trek, Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Superman, X-Men, Battlestar, The Black Hole, Simpsons, you name it. Tim and I each got a few things, but I'm sure that he'll have trouble fitting all of his into his luggage.

Now we're back at the hotel preparing for our show tomorrow, and I just don't want this vacation period of our tour to end. We only have three work days before another weekend off in Chicago, where I will get to see two friends of mine. And then there are only two more weeks before the tour is over. I'm very glad. I'm getting a little tired of being on the road so long without a break, and I miss spending more than two nights in the same bed. I'll also be very glad to have the room to myself again. I'm good about sharing, but soon I start to resent trying to sleep with very bad snorers, watching a lot of football and basketball, and, above all, sharing my computer. Checking email is fine, but when someone starts using it to search on Craig's List, that's a little much. How do I bring it up without sounding irrational? Any suggestions?

Of course, the most annoying thing of all is that my new camera has decided not to record any pictures. I turn it on, I take some pictures, and then the next time I turn the camera on, it has mysteriously erased all the pictures. Annoying to say the least, so I have nothing to share of the adventures today. Anyone want to buy me a camera?

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