Monday, November 2, 2009

Two weeks down

It's getting to be a familiar phrase lately, but I'm sorry I haven't been writing very much. It's been a busy two weeks over at EECD, where I have been getting my ass kicked on a near-daily basis. That is an accurate description of my job for the moment, even though I'm very exciting to return to a job that has more "talkie-acting" than my current gig. It's primarily a a physical role in a heavy physical-driven show. And thus, as a result, it hurts a little more than I would like. Sure, we had a pro wrestler come teach us how to do everything correctly. But that still doesn't stop us from getting occasional muscle pulls and other small little injuries. I've been banging up my shoulder in the last few days, and now I've got a nice little pull in the muscle under my left shoulder. I'm grateful for a day off today to rest and stretch and help myself get back in shape, but then it's time to go back out there tomorrow and do it all again for a six-day work week.

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