Saturday, October 17, 2009


We are now finished two days of our three-day technical rehearsal process for EECD. It's a slow process because our show is so tech-heavy. There are complicated light cues, sound cues, pre-recorded video cues, live video cues, plus the actors running around and doing stuff. So it's no wonder that the show is taking a while to work through cue-by-cue. But so far, there have been no major headaches or trainwrecks from my point of view. Sure it's going slowly, especially since I don't really have a whole lot to do in terms of actual stage minutes, but I never really mind sitting in a rehearsal and watching other folks work.

One thing I really enjoy about working in this company, with this group of professionals, is the chance to sit and listen to what they talk about and how they work together. When I'm trying to be a smart actor, I always try to listen to what everyone around me is saying. Being around so much talent is a great opportunity to pick up tricks and little hints and things that will help me in future projects and future auditions. I can help other auditions in the future, as well as impress my current director/co-artists with my talent, energy, spirit, and general awesomeness. So much of this business is making connections and fostering those sorts of friendships, so that the next time this director needs someone, he will think of me.

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